Nov 26, 2010

New iPhone/iPad app in Apple Store, Fun With Phil - Planets!!!

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Posted by: devo

Fun With Phil: Planets

Fun With Phil Planets is an application in English and Spanish for people of all ages! With Fun With Phil you will learn about the universe, galaxies, comets, asteroids and most of all, you will learn all about the planets and moons in the amazing solar system.

If you enjoy observing the sky at night, if you love learning about Cosmos this is your chance to learn more about some of the fantastic worlds in our galaxy.

Fun With Phil includes some catchy tunes to make your journey throughout the Cosmos more enjoyable. Also, while you learn you can see pictures, find out what you weigh on other planets and, above all, have fun while learning!

Fun With Phil is the application you need for showing off your knowledge by giving correct answers, choosing images that match and keep learning while having fun!

Finally , you can check your performance by looking at your Stats, your ranking and obtaining coins to be used for releasing some cool items of the universe. Are you ready to begin?

Technical Facts

Fun With Phil was developed using Objective-C (Mac's programming language) and it runs in version OS 3.1.3 or higher.

The application is already available at:

Apple Store

Phil with Iphone